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“Pure Lute”
This programme is a wonderful demonstration of how similar are the sounds of Johann Sebastian Bach and Silvius Leopold Weiss and …
(Baroque lute)

"Ostinato Fantastico"
Right up to the present day, compositions with an ostinato theme are very popular. From the Folie d’Espagne to J.S. Bach’s famous Chaconne, a sparkling bow of sound links many styles, from Renaissance to …
(Renaissance lute, Baroque lute, theorbo)

“Masters of the King”
Or perhaps “The French Programme”, as Robert de Viseé was a teacher of the great Louis XIV and he will be central in this programme. But so that de Viseé isn’t too solitary, he is placed in renowned company …
(Baroque lute, theorbo, baroque guitar)

“Singing and playing”
The art of tablature playing. The purity of the madrigal. Making sound perfect. The unrelenting pain of love. An evening with arrangements of many lute songs from bygone days …
(Renaissance lute)







Klaus Mader

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